A Must Visit Places in Lucerne Town

Sometimes it is really difficult to know specifically the places and attractions you want to visit in your destination. But good planning is really essential to maximise your stay and be able to see all the spots you want to visit and enjoy your time as much as we do.

Lucerne City is not a big place to roam around. In fact, the city itself is the main attraction of it. These are some of the places we visited which is located just within the old city centre.

Chapel Bridge – Located just in the middle of the River Reuss and within the city. Originally built in 1333 linking the old town on the right side of the river to the new town to left bank of Reuss. Covered wooden footbridge spanning diagonally across the river makes it the oldest wooden covered bridge in Europe. You should also experience it by night with the city lights which makes this bridge truly one of Switzerland’s landmark.

Jesuit Church – A baroque style church in the midst of the city facing the river. Outside is very prominent feel of grandeur as it looks like a palace along the river promenade.

Rathaus (Town Hall) – built 1606 with Renaissance architectural style is still standing as part of the old town landscape. With its tall clock tower and the well-preserved structure this Town Hall gives you the feel of travelling back in time. Take your time for photo-ops.

Pfistern Guild Hall – with its extensive decoration in frescoes is one of Lucerne’s amazing buildings. This former Guild Hall is now a restaurant serving Swiss specialties. It is a must to try at least once on your trip.

St. Leodegar Church – most important church and a city’s landmark. The majestic overlooking views at the top you can see the Lucerne’s Old Town and Lake Lucerne.

Lucerne Railway Station – city’s main hub of Switzerland’s rail network. This amazing elegant curved roof serve as the entrance hall. This is located waterfront on the south side of Lake Lucerne. If you are coming from Zurich by train this would be your last stop if Lucerne is your destination. The front of the station and the lakefront is heavily use by the local buses which will connect you to your different journey’s end.

Old Town Lucerne – this boulevard lies between the Chapel Bridge and Town Hall along the River Reuss. The structures and buildings in this area will left you in awe and wonder how did they preserved all these and became monumental itself standing in the middle of Lucerne.