We’re Stuck-up! But IreVentures Embarks ☘️

Since start of this year, 2020, we have been desiring to travel and explore the world again. Myself and Cy has been planning and preparing itineraries and checking online for cheap flights and accommodation for our next trip abroad but as we all know this pandemic is a little bit eager to stop us doing it. Well, it almost overpower us but then our yearning to travel is more sturdy than pandemic can bring.

It is on perfect timing when we decided to buy a car. Aside from the essentiality of having a transpo here in Ireland, having your own car will let you see the world freely and explore your surroundings as a new realm. Now, we have a chance to traverse beautiful places here in Ireland. We’ve been here for quite a long time now and we have just learned that Ireland alone has so much to offer. Unmapped places, secret gems, off-the-track spots and raw sites and fresh locations are extremely abundant here in Ireland.

This is what we are doing for about two months now. Its summer season here right now in Ireland since June and will last until the last week of September before Autumn kicks in again. Wandering outside will not be a good idea as it is wet and cold. We are currently brushing-up our Southern Ireland map. There are so many things to do here as the weather permits, activities like hiking, trekking, walking, mountain climbing, camping, road trips, angling and several outdoors ventures.

We will soon be posting those adventures we having here in Ireland until it is good and safe to travel abroad. Happy reading lads!

Meanwhile, here are some of the photos of our IreVenture ☘️.