Ugh! When are we able to travel again?!

Cy and I miss a thing that we do love most, to travel. We miss ticking-off the map, looking for a place to go to, browsing the site for the best and cheapest accommodations, preparing our itineraries, booking flights online, layovers, queuing lines, chasing departures, and yes eating unique snacks from the places we set our foot on. Sounds like our world is really not revolving without travels.

This year 2020 is already passed the half mark but this CoVID-19 menace really held the world halt on its feet and still up to now continuing to ruin the tourism sector of every countries in the world. There is no place exempted by this pandemic. This hit in every aspect, economically, physically, socially name it and it is still putting it down on its knees. For what reason is this happening? We don’t know. It could be a β€œreset” of everything or a way of the earth healing on its own, so to speak.


After all this, one question is kept hanging for those people who love to explore the world, β€œWhen are we able to travel again?” Oh, yes sounds very selfish, but it is just a simple question of happiness. Don’t argue with us. We are just expressing our thoughts and ideas. The effort of thinking about our new adventure will never be an easy-pc thing now. This is because, the β€œnew normal” is ON. To many things we need to consider as we do our travel plans. β€˜Social distancing’ stuffs need to be with us from now on as this is the first step prophylaxis away from harmful health threats. We have to be very keen careful now.

Well, we all wish that this dilemma will soon end. So we could go back to what we are before, of course there will be few new things need to be in consideration, but still we all utter the same prayers now for the benefit of all. We all are traveling again and discovering new paths before we even know it. So, cheers to all explorers and travelers and soon go BEYOND BOUNDARIES! ☘️