FRANKFURT, January 2019. A German city of old traditions and culture captivates every one who will set foot on this lovely city. A city rich in history, museums and arts which celebrates it. 

We had decided to have an easy and relax downtown walk which is also the city’s β€œOld Town”, is an ideal to discover on foot. As we amble along its cobblestone streets and visit squares surrounded with half-timbered houses, we were allured with how this city maintained its culture and tradition while innovation takes place with emerging skyscrapers like proverbial mushrooms. 

RΓΆmerberg, seat of the Frankfurt city administration since the 15th century. This square is the heart of medieval Aldstadt (old town) and a very popular destination in Frankfurt. RΓΆmerberg means “Roman Mountain” in German. This complex was destroyed during WWII and reconstructed which now gives the tourists a beautiful idea of how this area was once the seat of Frankfurt’s power and beauty.

Though minimal translation of their language (German) makes it somehow difficult to understand and roam around the place, Cyrene and I acknowledge their warm gestures make it an easy-going tour. 

Fountain of Justice. Built in 1543 and depicts the goddess Justitia holding the scales of justice. It is said that during Matthias coronation in 1612, the fountain ran with wine. (hmmm interesting…)
The Ostzeile. Features a row of six houses originally from 15th and 16th century which was destroyed by Allies in 1944 and restored in 1983.
Old St. Nicholas Gothic Church. Built in 11th century and part of the RΓΆmerberg facing the square. Three times a day you will hear the ring of delightful chimes of 35 bells.
St. Paul Church (Paulskirche). A Lutheran church and became the seat of the first freely elected German parliament and became a symbol of the German democratic movement.
Customs Tower. This was constructed in1456 and has a compelling history, the site where it was founded where the ruins of the castle previously homed by Emperor Frederick Barbarossa and Karl the Great.

We surely be back here where spring makes this place more vibrant and temperate to drift around. Till then, Dankeschân Frankfurt! 😘 ☘️