Saint Petersburg, Russia – October, 2019. It has been one of our dream places to go to but we have never realised that this would happen as quick as we have thought about it. For the reason that Russia’s border is not that relax and lenient as the other countries in the world for tourism but since they ease their border requirements it is not that hard for us to explore what Russians can offer.

This is the second biggest city located to the northern part of Russia and one of the major cities in the world. This city boasts its own characteristics and brags its distinct culture, history and architecture to all its visitors who set their feet upon. Walking through its streets and alleys will remind you of its rich culture and history. 

Every corners and buildings speak its own stories which became part of how grandiose this city is at present. It is difficult to decide which places to visit as this massive city has too much to offer to all its guests and much iconic sights you probably should not want to miss on your trip. 

Well known to is architecture and design, Saint Petersburg showcases its monumental buildings, cathedrals and structures with great colonnades and very elaborate designs which is common to Russian Baroque style. Cruising your way in the River Neva and venture through its different canals in Saint Petersburg is another notable sight that you must try here. No doubt SPB was named as the Venice of the North.

What will make travellers happy is the cost of commodities here in SPB, we found out that Saint Petersburg is surprisingly cheap (if not the cheapest place we have been so far) to have your holiday with and you can actually have loads of varieties of food to eat. 

Safety is another thing which you definitely questioned in this place, but surely, SPB is absolutely immaculately peaceful. We haven’t heard any issues with security at all. We all have different prejudices in this country but for sure all this perceptions we have in this massive country will set its tone to all praises, grace and pure beauty.