PALMA DE MALLORCA 2019. The largest island of the Balearic Islands located at the western Mediterranean Sea. Millions of tourists flocking this gorgeous island from all around the globe as one of the Europe’s premier holiday destinations.

Busy white sand beach shores amass by tourists bathing under the sun, feeling the fine texture of the sand and douse themselves into the fresh cold sea water. Yes, we experienced that too, and it is so relaxing and revivifying. We are very damned troubled about the sunburn and getting dark skinned and for four days of being there we had consumed 2 bottles of SPF 50 sunscreen. (so obsessed!).

We also got to experienced the tour around the island to see what this Spanish colony island can offer. We are not disappointed, old towns and rural areas remains still and retains much of its heritage and old architecture. Narrow streets and cobbled stone pavements and structures stand proud in the midst of the city. Villages in the middle of the valleys, hmmm what can I say. so picturesque.

My wife and I had the best cruise experience over Mediterranean as we coasted around the island and anchored to every port they have and mingle with the locals as we land.

Well, my birthday holiday will never be completed without the food tasting escapade, we can say that so far authentic Spanish meal are the best! Oh, Paella!

In the span of short four days in Palma is really an amazing one. Blessed as another year was added to my age and at the same time I am grateful and filled with explicit gladness and contentment.

Thank God! Gracias Palma! 😘