Our West Coast US trip wouldn’t be complete without setting our foot upon the famous city of San Francisco. December 2019, after our wedding in the Philippines we opted to fly to US for our honeymoon. Both excited and thrilled, after the 15 hours on plane finally we have arrived first in Los Angeles stayed there for good few of days as planned (we’ll make an article regarding our trip in LA).

Though LAX airport is busy as marketplace, flying from Los Angeles is as quick as anything. We never even noticed that we are already in San Francisco Int’l Airport as the flying time is just an hour and half. We drew up a long list of places we want to explore and began to pile as we go near the city.

Several SanFo neighbourhood we pinned on our maps are all set but the weather did not cooperate. Our journey shoes on, and our desires to wander looks like failing to battle the forces nature. But with so much anticipation, rain did not crippled us down to roam around, as we are travel maniacs. The ever-changing weather of San Francisco adds excitement and eagerness for us couple.

At one moment catching sight of sea lions bellowing down the Pier 39 is very entertaining to see while a glimpse of historic Alcatraz and magnificent Golden Gate Bridge is very vivid and stunningly clear from your vantage point as well. Then a minute later you will see a rolling bank of fog obliterates of what you called an elusive perfect view awhile ago.

Fisherman’s wharf became our everyday’s β€œmeet-up point”, our Zero KM where we all start our journey. Clustered piers on San Francisco bay are interestingly to explore. Lombard’s Street which intriguingly constructed left us unanswered why it was built that way. Rolling hills, streets up and down, town houses and residential were seemingly follow the contour of the mountainous San Francisco. Oh! and the view of the bridge never disappoints.

On every corner, in any point of view, will definitely left you in awe. We’d noticed different climates in every neighbourhood SanFo had. On one block you will experience glory, unanimously eclectic and entertained, and on the next turn you will feel threatened and dodgy. All these signatures give respect of what reputation San Francisco have. (Dec, 2019)