October 2019, we went to St. Petersburg in Russia and on our itinerary we have had included a 36 hours (yes! less than two days) layover in Helsinki, Finland. We are actually focus on our trip to Russia and we never thought that this layover changed our perception of Finland. Cy and I had a quick but sweet encounter of what Finnish can offer.

Helsinki. The Nordic capital of Finland located in the southern most part of the country. We have learnt that Helsinki was once part of Russia during the Cold War under their regime in which tsars made Helsinki the Finnish capital as we know today. No wonder why it is almost the same with St. Petersburg, Russia when it comes to structures and architectures as the Russians rebuilt the city in a empire style which became part of their history.

Helsinki maintain its reputation to be an international metropolis while still retaining its small town feel. An urban-rural kind of living, easy, chill and steady. Indeed, you can tour around and roam this city within two days and call in every scenic places and well-known sights.

One of our favourite part of our brief passage here in Helsinki is the Cafe Regatta located at suburban Helsinki. Though it may sounds like it is a regular stop on our itinerary but Regatta won’t be tagged as the world’s most cosiest cafe for nothing, sure it is an unforgettable experience.

Finland as being part of the Nordic region having their own history, culture, religion and beliefs, Helsinki today arrays the influences they gained from both western and eastern cultures.

When we go back to Helsinki we will absolutely luxuriate in every part of this town could cite. It wont be β€˜quick but sweet’, it will be β€œunceasing wanderlust” ☘️